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What is Online UPS/Inverters?
An UPS or online UPS Inverters give power supply without interruptions, even during the power breakdowns or in electricity conversion process from various mode of power supply. 

Is it possible to run a microwave on an inverter?
Yes, you can run considerable size and capacity of household microwave through your inverter. However, you need to ensure the capacity load, as a 800 watt microwave consumes more than 1200 watt run through 230V system, hence choose the right capacity inverter to take load of your microwave. 

Is there any home equipment which cannot be run on an inverter?
You cannot connect and run everything available in your house, though, now there are various size and capacity of microtek inverter battery Noida comes to run various high power consumption devices. You can run many devices like ACs, Heaters, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Mixer Grinders, Iron, Water Motor Pumps but all they need inverters and batteries as per their power consumption needs, and don’t try to run all of them simultaneously, run individually at a time as per the needs for short time periods. 

How long can I use or run my inverter?
The inverters can be used for unlimited time period till it gives the performance but the power supply depends on the batteries capacity connected with it. As much you put load on inverters the battery will be discharged and the run time of inverter declines accordingly. Though, to increase the run time you can connect more batteries and there is no limit to connect unlimited number of batteries. 

How much time an inverter takes to respond during power cuts and interchange? 
Mostly all the inverters take 16.6 milliseconds to respond during power cuts and transfer electricity from one mode to another mode. It is enough to give you uninterrupted power supplying in a house. 

How long extension wires can I use to connect a battery with my inverter?
Though, you can use upto 200 feet long cords or wires to connect your inverter with a battery but it will lost the electricity supply during DC current transmission. Hence, it is always recommended to keep batteries close to inverters to get best results without any signal loss and electricity transmission wastage. 

What type of water I need to use in batteries? 

All the batteries come with company filled acid water but while in use you need to add only distilled water which is usually available with exide batteries dealers in Noida. Don’t add other impure water or liquids otherwise it can damage the battery charging cells and will reduce its performance and life. 

How often we need to add water in batteries? 
You need to check your battery on regular basis to ensure the minimum level of water to run it properly for longer period. Though, every battery consumes acid waters as per the consumption level and recharging process, so check water levels on every 3-to-6 months to ensure its functionality for long time. 

What kind of brands of inverters and batteries I can buy from Deep International Battery Inverter? 
Deep International in an authorised dealer of all the leading brands of inverters available in India. You can buy Inverters and UPS made by Microtek, Luminous, Sukam and Amaron while for batteries purchase you can choose to buy from Exide, Amaron, Microtek and Luminous at very reasonable price. 

And, what type of other products/services are available with Deep International Battery Inverter? 
Apart from being a top inverter battery dealers Noida, Deep International also deals in selling of branded LCD TVs and also provides service of inverter battery repair Noida to the customers using different brand of batteries and inverters bought from its store or from any other shops across the city.

What is an Inverter?
An inverter is a power conversion and supplying device which takes DC (Direct Current) power stored usually in batteries or solar and to convert it into AC (Alternating Current) which is used to run household’s various electrical equipments and electronic appliances. 

What are essential precautions we need to take care while using inverters? 
Wrong handling a use of inverters can cause personal injury, hence you should use it properly as per the user manual guide of instructions given by inverter battery dealers Noida. Avoid handling inverters with wet body and don’t open or touch any internal parts without help of technicians. In case of voltage fluctuations switch off the charging and output power supply to avoid major technical problems. 


Is it possible to run heavy equipment like ACs on power inverters?
Yes, you can also run a normal size household air conditioners with the help of high-powered inverters and battery equipped with right capacity of power supply. Choose the right combination of luminous inverter battery Noida to run an AC with the capacity range of inverters and batteries 

Is it possible to run computers on the inverter?
Yes, you can run your computer, laptop and other similar devices on inverters and if you use UPS enabled inverters for running a desktop computers then you don’t need to use separate UPS to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to constantly use and properly shutdown the computers.

What is the difference between an Inverter and a UPS?
Usually, UPS is a device equipped with both a battery and battery charger in single unit. It is generally used for running computers to get uninterrupted power supply to avoid electricity fluctuation which usually takes place during power cuts and conversion of battery powered electricity supply and main power supply. Nowadays, all the online UPS inverters offered by sukam inverter battery Noida come with this features to give nonstop electricity supply to entire household equipments. 

What is Sine Wave Technology?
A shine wave is the ideal waveform technology used to transfer AC power, the two types of waveforms are used – Modified Sine Wave and True Sine Wave. The modified sine wave is not actually a true sine wave, it is a “stepped wave” that triumphs voltage regulation by fluctuating in width according to the battery voltage and the load factor. Whereas, True Sine Wave is a pure form of sine wave considered most reliable and waveform providing an identical power supply throughout the use. It is useful to run various devices like digital clocks, battery charges, variable speed motors and audio/visual devices etc. 

How much level of water I need to keep while adding into the battery cells? 
Every battery is filled with original water made by the company and after full charging of battery it boils at certain levels. So, while adding water keep ensure it doesn’t come out or overfilled otherwise after full charging, it will throughout which adversely affects the performance and also reduce the life of battery. 

Why I need to choose a pure sine wave inverters?
Sine waves power supply allows to run your household devices longer, without any fluctuations and malfunctions with long-lasting performance. It is suitable and best for running various equipment like computers, audio/visual device and network related devices. Now most of the high quality inverters comes with this technology to facilitate users to run all these daily use equipments continuously. 

What is a lead-acid battery and its use?
Lead-battery is kind of rechargeable batteries supplies DC currents. It is widely used to store electrical energy and use for powering various device in different modes. An acid-lead battery contains cabinets filled with acid water to charge with electricity and supply at the time of needs. Currently it is used for different purpose worldwide, its major use are in Transportation, Communication, Power Backup, Standby System and Power Control utilities in different forms at various sectors across the world. 

What are the necessary features should be considered while buying a battery?
While buying a household battery ensure only three things – Size, Power and Warranty to get the best products available in the markets. Size relates to dimension, power means ampere hours and warranty allows free after sales service to take care of battery faults by original manufacturers during that period

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